Trouble-free operating tips

1. Make sure the generator’s run switch is set to on. 2. Check that quick disconnect from hose to unit is fully seated and locked. 3. Check that propane tank connection (POV) is fully screwed on and tight. 4. Turn your propane tank off then back on slowly to check/reset tank internal valve. 5. Check that your air cleaner element is not flooded with oil.  This can happen if your generator tips over.  If it is, squeeze filter between paper towels, then properly dispose of oily paper towels.  (oily rags can spontaneously cumbust in garbage or in pile - hang until dry, then soak with water and detergent before discarding) 6. Check that your tank isn’t empty, or near empty. 7. If your propane tank tipped over, the tank valve may freeze up.  Return tank to upright position and let it sit for a while without use to let valve thaw and/or drain. 8. Listen for slight “hissing” sound before starting when pulling up on purge ball on top of inlet (to let you know fuel is flowing through tank and regulator) 9. On Honda EU2000i models, check that the spark plug boot is fully seated on the spark plug.  Honda has issued a service bulletin on this for EU2000i generators made in early to mid 2017 that randomly shut down.  It involves either replacing the spark plug connector or adjusting the metal band inside the park plug connector to fit tighter onto the spark plug tip. 10. If your EU3000is generator starts to run poorly change the spark plug to the Champion RC12YC 11. If you get an “EOA” code on the Honda EU7000is make sure you have the correct temperature orifice installed.   There are 3 orifices available (free) for natural gas and 3 orifices available for propane.  High temp, normal and low temp.  If you are running at or near 100deg F outside then you should install the high temp orifice.  If you are running at or near 0 deg F you should install the low temp orifice.  Most installations shoudl not need this but it depends on your area. 12. If you are using your generator above 5,000ft you should install our free high-altitude orifice to correct for operation in a thinner atmosphere
 OPERATING AND STORAGE TIPS 1. Don’t let your generator tip over - this can lead to oil leaking out and/or saturating the oil filter element (chokes off air supply to unit). 2. Don’t run your generator inside an enclosure or with its built-in enclosure panels off - cooling air must flow correctly inside and around unit. 3. Let your unit cool down before putting the cover back on. 4. Check your propane/nat. gas hose for cracks and leaks with soapy water occasionally (do not use a match or flame) 5. Store your generator in a garage or in-doors to keep clean and ready to use (keep propane tanks outside) - easy with no gasoline inside!
How Often should I change the oil ?  With clean burning propane or natural gas, vs. gasoline, the oil doesn’t get as contaminated with combustion products but we still recommend sticking with the OEM’s required oil change period as outlined in the Honda owner’s manual. What other maintenance should I do ?  Please consult your OEM owner’s manual for scheduled maintenance including VALVE ADJUSTMENT.  In particular, you should keep your air cleaner element clean and lightly oiled.  A dirty air cleaner will cause your generator to run rough or not at all.  Conversely, too much oil in your air cleaner element will also cause the engine to run rough or not at all.  In addition, you should check hoses and fittings for dirt, cracks and debris, and occasionally check the spark plug to make sure it is clean and properly gaped per the manual. What should I do to properly store my propane generator for 6 month or longer ?  Other than storing your generator in-doors in a relatively dry location, to keep any possible rust or corrosion from forming long-term, there is really nothing you need to do to the fuel system.  Please consult OEM manual for storing 1 year or more without use.
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