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WARNING: Propane vapor is heavier than air  The specific gravity of Propane vapor is heavier than air so Propane vapor will stay near the ground, (whereas natural gas rises).  If you smell propane, you should turn off the propane tank and leave the area until the smell abates then check your hoses and connections with a soapy water solution.  Replace any broken or damaged hoses before use.
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> 10 Deg F 2kW 20lb tank,  3kW 30lb tank,  7kW 60lb -100lb tank or dual 30lb  0 to -10 Deg F 2kW 30lb tank 3lW  40lb tank 7kW 100lb tank or dual 40lb tanks  < -10 to -20 Deg F 2kW 40lb tank 3lW  60lb tank 7kW Dual 60 to100lb tanks  Additional tank sizing for low temperatures  (assuming 1/2 average rated load) Propane Run Time PDF HOW LONG WILL  A TANK LAST? click here
Quick- Disconnect Sizes All of our generators have a 3/8” male quick disconnect on top.
Kit Installation Instructions
Always use a licensed plumber! This is your home.  Get it done right and get it inspected.  Nobody knows state, federal and local safety codes better than the  licensed experts.
How do I connect to my home’s natural gas or propane?
Shutoff +Quick Disconnect
How simple is it? Add an outdoor shutoff valve then a quick-disconnect for your generator and gas grill.  then order one of our gas extension hoses and...
We use the same pressure as the natural gas or propane inside your home.
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